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The Noble Fool

The Hungering Saga Complete - Heath Pfaff

Title: The Noble Fool

Author: Heath Pfaff

Series: The Hungering Saga


My opinion: When I bought this book I did not know what to expect. It sounded quite interesting and it sounded like something I never read before I also liked the prospect of reding some great piece of fantasy. And what can I say? All I expected came true. It was great to read.  


What I paticularly liked about this book was that it never get boring. It always happened something new - something unexpected. At no point in this book I had the feeling to know what will happen next. Or when I had I was surprised by another unexpected event. That happened throughout the book and lead to me not putting the book down. Unfortunately sometimes I had to do so.  


The story was told out of Lowin's perspective. That way the tension could easily be kept. Lowin didn't know about most things that were going on around him and even of those things happening within him he barely had a clue. That makes it easy for the reader to identify with him and understand his actions as the reader didn't know more about the situation as he did. That definately is the key for the story being that good. When the reader would have had any more information it wouldn't be that interesting to read on.  


At this point I would like to bring in the warning. The book describes every situation in very much detail what leads to lots of death and even more blood.

The surgeriesas they are described out of Lowin's perspective aren't that detailed as he thinks of something else or blacks out while it's happening.

Sexual content is cut short in most cases and not described in detail.  


The idea of the story is something totally new. At least I haven't came across any that was even close. It was refreshing to read it.  


I loved reading this book and can't wait to read Vol. 2. 5 of 5 stars!


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